Iris Cancer Care App

Fueled by the mission to deliver personalized, oncology-specific 24/7 support, the Iris app by OncoHealth is a digital telehealth platform that helps patients navigate the emotional challenges and physical symptoms caused by cancer and cancer treatment.

Over the course of several phases of research, design, and delivery, frog worked in tandem with the internal product team to bring the app from concept to fruition.

I led the visual design effort, setting the vision for the digital brand expression and overseeing the implementation of the DLS. Throughout the project I was also able to contribute to detailed screen design for key flows in a sprint-based project format.

Role Senior Designer
Creative Direction Jennifer Weng, Ryan Flynn
Design Dan Spurgin, Kristina Pedicone, Ahnad Dunlap, Jade Milan
Tools Figma
Studio frog Design
Field Digital  
Launched 2021

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