Gap NFTs

With the goal of increasing engagement, Gap partnered with frog to conceptualize an NFT experience. In five weeks, we created crypto-hoodies: a covetable and collectible digital representation of the most iconic Gap product, along with a game that made collecting crypto-hoodies deeply engaging and feels distinctly like a part of the blockchain community.

I led the design effort in a one-week sprint to create a visual direction to serve as a proof of concept for the game. Inspired by the infinite possibilities in the digital realm, the design direction uses photo-realistic 3D and photography to create a surreal scene. The outcome is a 3D representation of the physical hoodies, layered atop supporting imagery that creates a thematic story for each drop.

You can explore the collection here.

Role Design Director
Designer Amanda Güereca
Tools Adobe Dimension
Studio frog Design
Field Art Direction and Digital
Launched 2022

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